Sunday, 17 June 2012

Music Challenge Day 6- A song that reminds you of somewhere

I couldn't think of any songs that remind me of any specific place but I thought if I could find a song that has the title of city or something that could work well enough. So you know I checked through my iPod and finally I found this amazing song called "Dead in Hollywood" by the Murderdolls!!!!! Now usually I am not a big heavy metal fan. What I mean to say is that I prefer it as background vocals but this song is really awesome I really love how they incorporated all of the different horror movies and their characters!! It's totally amazing and really brings a sense of Hollywood so here it is "Dead in Hollywood" by the Murderdolls...

Now you see what I mean it is totally amazing and I love it!! I think that my favourite lyrics in the whole song are, "Hey Leather Face remove my.....FACE!!!" This however is probably because I just watched "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with my friends Wes and KK and yes they are super cool too!!!!  Anyways it's a really good movie and it is based on a true story however only loosely because Ed Gein actually used a gun..... not a chainsaw.... but it is still a good movie that you should definitely watch but make sure to watch the original and not the remake the original is much better!!!

So Anyways now for some photos of Murderdolls...


I LOVE the red, black, and white going on in this photo!!

Their hair is soooooo coool!

Geez I want to go to a concert right now.....

I love this background so much!!

I just love black and white photos... They are just so cool!!!!!

Well that's it for this post I hope that you enjoyed it .... See yah next time... Zoombie out!!!

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