Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Music Challenge Day 2- Your Least Favourite Song

My least favourite song.....what?.... I don't listen to my least favourite songs... How am I supposed to pick a least favourite song when I don't actually listen to my favourite song. Well ya know I am not personally a big fan of pop like I can manage to listen to it but not without rolling my eyes.... Anyways back to my least favourite song I would have to say that it is probably this song that I first heard in my French class..... it is called "Ne me quitte pas" this song is written and sung by Jacques Brel... but don't take my word for it listen to it for yourself and make your own decision...Here it is "Ne me quitte pas" by Jacques Brel...

The title of this song translates to "Don't Leave Me" and I believe this is what I dislike about the song. If you breakup with someone sure you've got to give it your all to stay together but I don't like the idea of begging someone to stay with you. If you have to beg them to stay then they really don't want to be there in the first place and I do not think that you have to repeat it over and over again to get it across to them. Maybe find a different way to work things out rather than just begging them. And to perfectly honest begging annoys me to extreme levels.... so yeah no begging I don't like this song but if you do that's cool for you but maybe try some of the other artists shown in the pictures below....

Misfits is one of my favourite bands!!! Mostly because they are the origin of horror punk which is totally one of my favourite genres and Misfits is it's creator!!! In other words totally amazing.

Now admittedly I haven't listened to much of Shinedown but what I have heard of them I absolutely love! So you know check them out!!

and then I'll do one more here...

Ok so Linkin Park is a fairly well known band and I have never heard a bad comment about them from anyone before... so ... try it who knows you might end up liking it!

So anyways thats it for this post... and yah no to "Ne me quitte pas"... try some of the other bands see if you like them if you don't like them then too bad ... oh well..

Hope you enjoyed the post!!! TTFN!

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