Thursday, 14 June 2012

Music Challenge Day 5- A song that reminds you of someone

Ok people this one is kind of humerous so listen up...

In my last post I told you that Magick says hi and that she is one of the coolest people you will ever hear of. Which is totally true by the way but anyways this song is a song that reminds me of her but before I tell you the name of the song and put it up so that you may listen to it I thought that you should probably here a bit about Magick herself...So here you go...

Magick is this really awesome person who does dress goth and does let people say that she is a goth but we like to say that she's just Magick and not label what she is. So anyways even though people think she's scary and like worships satan and sh*t like that she is really a nice and caring person who is just one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. I mean yes she is a pagan but that doesn't mean you have to go hating her!!! She's still a person and a totally amazing person at that!! Magick is also one of the most innocent people you will ever meet .... I mean she doesn't do drugs, she doesn't drink of smoke, she doesn't even J-walk it makes her feel guilty. Now here is where this song comes in and Magick loves singing... all the time she just breaks out into a random song and it's just plain cool!! Well this is a song that she likes to sing quite a bit and I like to think of it as her theme song. This is "Do You Believe In Magic" by John Sebastian!!!

Since this post is mostly about Magick I have decided to put on some picture of her favourite matter how much I don't like them!!!

Here you are One Direction...

OK I admit it they are hot...

But not all of them are hot!!!

Ok that's enough of this let's go to some good stuff!!

Thank you Marilyn Manson you saved this post!!!

Loving the Hat....and the tongue!!

Ooo cool!!!

That is it... I can't wait you need to listen to this song here it is... "This is Halloween" by Marilyn Manson!!! AHHH I LOVE IT!!!!

Props to the people that did the light show to Marilyn Manson...You're Awesome!!

By the way this also reminds me of Magick for two reasons one she likes Marilyn Manson and two, she spends months preparing for Halloween!!!!As she should!!...

Well that's all for this's a shout out to Magick who is a totally amazing person!! And shout out to anyone who reads this post thank you and look me up next time to check out some great music!!!

Zoombie Eating Baby!!!!! Mwahahahah......

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